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Contact Lens Advice

There are many variations of contact lenses, and many different ways in which they can be worn (from daily lenses to extended wear). The advice given to you about your contact lenses is often determined by the type of lenses you wear and the regularity with which you wear them. The advice given to you […]

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Posted 31st May 2013 by admin

Understanding Your Prescription: Part 3 – The Reading Addition

When reading your spectacle prescription, you are likely to see a column headed ‘Add’. If you’ve ever wondered what this part of your prescription means, it is the required power of your ‘reading addition’. If a power is present in the column, it is there as a means of improving your near vision. The reading […]

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Posted 17th May 2013 by admin

Understanding Your Prescription: Part 2 – Lens Thickness

In this week’s blog, we look at how the power of the lenses determined by your prescription has an impact on the appearance of your spectacles once they have been made. There are a number of factors that determine how your finished pair of lenses will look, but your dispenser will encourage you to consider […]

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Posted 10th May 2013 by admin

Understanding Your Prescription: Part 1 – The Basics

At our practice, we are commonly asked by our patients exactly what their prescription means, both in terms of the quality of their vision and the implications it may have on their choice of spectacles and lenses. When you purchase spectacles from us, we want you to be completely confident in our advice and recommendations. […]

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Posted 3rd May 2013 by admin