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Sunglasses with Polarised Lenses

Looking for new prescription sunglasses this summer? If so, maybe it’s time you tried polarised lenses, which offer a fantastic level of glare reduction and can increase the clarity of your vision. Perfect for a whole range of occupations and hobbies, polarised lenses are fantastic for people who enjoy fishing, skiing, and snowboarding. They are […]

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Posted 28th June 2013 by admin

About Eyesight Problems

Eyesight problems are often the result of what is called a refractive error. A refractive error reduces your quality of vision and is a common reason that patients are recommended to wear spectacles. There are four main types of refractive error: Myopia – this is the term used to describe short-sightedness in a patient. A […]

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Posted 21st June 2013 by admin

The Advantages of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a fantastic option for patients who would sometimes like an alternative to spectacle wear. There are a variety of contact lens types that are available as a convenient and effective means of improving your vision according to your individual hobbies and lifestyle requirements. Contact lenses are great for part-time wear as well […]

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Posted 14th June 2013 by admin

Choosing Your Perfect Sunglasses

Thinking of having some new prescription sunglasses for the summer? When choosing, be sure to consider the frame and, importantly, the type of sunglass lens that suits your needs and lifestyle best. There are a number of different prescription tinted lenses that can be fitted into a sunglass frame. When selecting your new sunglass spectacles, […]

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Posted 7th June 2013 by admin