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VDU/Computer Spectacles

If you spend your working day in front of a computer screen, or if your hobbies include spending a considerable amount of time on computer games or browsing the internet, it may be beneficial for you to visit us for a sight test appointment. This is because you may benefit from VDU spectacles, which are […]

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Posted 26th July 2013 by admin

Getting Used to Bifocals and Varifocals

If you have been recommended to invest in a pair of bifocals or varifocals due to your prescription, you may be feeling a little daunted at the prospect if you have never worn such lenses before. It is true that in some cases these lenses can take time to get used to, but the success […]

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Posted 19th July 2013 by admin

Attending Your Sight Test Appointments

At the end of every sight test, the optometrist who carried out the examination will tell you your recall period. This will let you know when you will be due for your next sight test appointment. There are a number of reasons that it is important to make sure that you attend your sight test […]

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Posted 12th July 2013 by admin

Expert Advice on Choosing Spectacles

At our practice, we understand that not all patients are comfortable during the process choosing a new pair of spectacles. Picking out a pair of glasses may be a totally new experience for patients who have been told for the first time that they need to wear spectacles. In other cases, patients may simply find […]

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Posted 5th July 2013 by admin