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Spectacle Fittings and Adjustments

The importance of the comfort of your spectacles is something that should never be underestimated. Glasses that do not feel right when worn can make them very awkward for the patient, and in some cases it can even be painful. The process of selecting your frames and lenses is the first step to acquiring the […]

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Posted 30th August 2013 by admin

Young People and Contact Lenses

For many young people, contact lenses are a popular and attractive alternative to wearing spectacles. Some people like to wear contact lenses for sports or particular hobbies they may have, while some like to wear them throughout the day rather than having to wear glasses. What is important to remember about contact lenses is that […]

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Posted 23rd August 2013 by admin

Looking After Your Spectacles

Eye care is not just limited to your sight test and the process of selecting and purchasing new spectacles. At our practice, we understand that looking after your spectacles and keeping them in the best possible condition on a long term basis is just as important as ensuring you are given glasses that perform well […]

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Posted 15th August 2013 by admin

Driving and Your Eyesight

Keeping your sight test appointments is essential for a variety of reasons. Making sure you see the optician on the recommended basis is important in order to keep your spectacles up to date and maintain your eye care, but it is also imperative so that you can ensure you are legally allowed to drive. There […]

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Posted 9th August 2013 by admin

A Guie to Photochromic Lenses

With summer well and truly underway, photochromic lenses could be a fantastic solution for patients who would prefer to just have one pair of spectacles for all purposes. Photochromic lenses react to the level of light they are exposed to and darken accordingly, meaning there is no need to change into a pair of sunglasses […]

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Posted 2nd August 2013 by admin