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Are you Driving Illegally?

If you drive regularly, it’s essential to have your eyes tested to keep yourself, your family and other drivers safe If your latest eye health check is now overdue and if you drive regularly, it’s essential you don’t miss this vital test. It’s estimated that up to 13 million drivers skip tests, and as a […]

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Posted 22nd January 2014 by admin

Eyes: 15 Things Didn’t Know About Them

On the face of it, our eyes are just simple orbs in our head, but the fact is that they’re very complex organs. There are seven main parts in the eye that play a role in transmitting information to the brain, detecting light, and focusing. A problem with any of these parts means a problem […]

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Posted 16th January 2014 by admin


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Posted 14th January 2014 by admin

Top 5 Contact Lenses Wearing Tips

With your sight being arguably one of the most important senses, taking good care of your eyes is paramount. If you wear contact lenses then follow these simple steps to make sure you’re taking care the right way. Don’t over wear your lenses. It may sound obvious, but daily lenses should not be worn for […]

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Posted 14th January 2014 by admin