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Did Kim Kardashian Make Baby North West Wear Contact Lenses?

Kim Kardashian was in hot water on Twitter this week when she posted pictures of brown-eyed baby North with dazzling blue eyes. Some of her 30 million followers were quick to accuse Kim of making the toddler wear coloured contact lenses. Thankfully, there was a simple explanation – the images were digitally altered. Kim was […]

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Posted 18th March 2015 by admin

Top 5 Contact Lenses Wearing Tips

With your sight being arguably one of the most important senses, taking good care of your eyes is paramount. If you wear contact lenses then follow these simple steps to make sure you’re taking care the right way. Don’t over wear your lenses. It may sound obvious, but daily lenses should not be worn for […]

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Posted 14th January 2014 by admin

Young People and Contact Lenses

For many young people, contact lenses are a popular and attractive alternative to wearing spectacles. Some people like to wear contact lenses for sports or particular hobbies they may have, while some like to wear them throughout the day rather than having to wear glasses. What is important to remember about contact lenses is that […]

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Posted 23rd August 2013 by admin