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Are you Driving Illegally?

If you drive regularly, it’s essential to have your eyes tested to keep yourself, your family and other drivers safe

If your latest eye health check is now overdue and if you drive regularly, it’s essential you don’t miss this vital test.

It’s estimated that up to 13 million drivers skip tests, and as a result many of those can’t read road signs properly.

This is really serious. The police are allowed to stop a driver and test their eyesight if they have any reason to think that he or she cannot meet the legal standards required for driving.

These are the standards:

  • Drivers who need contact lenses or glasses to correct their vision must always wear them when driving
  • Driving with uncorrected defective vision is an offence and there is a potential fine of £1,000 for those caught. You could also get points or even be disqualified
  • Drivers should be able to read a number plate from a distance of 20.5 metres (which is about 5 car lengths) in good light. If a driver is asked to do this and cannot meet the required standard, they are committing an offence and as a result their insurance may be invalidated

If your eye test is now overdue, we can see you when it suits you over the next few weeks.

Please remember to bring any glasses you have, plus of course details of any eye problems you have been experiencing. Any symptom, no matter how minor, can help your optometrist diagnose a condition and get it treated quickly.

Drivers’ Eyewear

Some spectacles are better than others for driving, with rimless designs or those with thin rims being particularly suitable as they allow greater all-round vision than those with heavy frames. Spectacles with plastic lenses are lighter and safer.

Anti-reflection coatings can be applied to any lenses at a reasonable cost, helping you to see more clearly and cut down on glare, especially when driving at night.

Make sure you keep your spectacles and contact lenses clean at all times – it’s best to keep a cleaning cloth in the car.

It’s also sensible to keep a spare pair of glasses in the car so that you never forget them. This is equally important if you normally wear contact lenses because on long journeys when your eyes get tired it is often more comfortable to switch to a pair of glasses. This is a useful safeguard if you suffer from hay fever.

It’s worth remembering that in some European countries it is a legal requirement to keep a spare pair of glasses or contact lenses in the car.

To book your eye test contact us today on 01268 752919 or book directly through our website.

Posted 22nd January 2014 by admin