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NHS Eye Care Entitlement & Optical Vouchers

In addition to last week’s article on the patient criteria and qualification requirements for NHS sight tests, this week we will let you know about the patient entitlement for optical vouchers from the National Health Service.

As well as free sight tests, certain patients may also be entitled to a voucher offering assistance with the cost of spectacles or contact lenses. The following patients may be entitled to an optical voucher:

  • Full-time students aged 16, 17 or 18

  • Those eligible for an NHS complex voucher (ask your optician for more information on this)

  • Those in receipt of Income-based Job Seekers’ Allowance (NOT contribution-based)

  • Those in receipt of Income Support

  • Those in receipt of Pension Credit Guarantee Credit

  • Those in receipt of Income-based Employment and Support Allowance

  • Those who are awarded Universal Credit

  • Those entitled to or name on a valid NHS tax credit exemption certificate

  • Those named on a valid HC2 or HC3 certificate for help with health costs.

Please be aware that in order to claim these entitlements, you may be asked to how proof of any of the above that are applicable to you. Those who are unable to provide evidence of their entitlement may not be issued with an optical voucher.

Posted 13th September 2013 by admin